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Antique Artbars
Below is a table showing the different categories of antique silver artbars that are available on our website. By antique, we mean silver artbars that pre-date the big silver melt of the early eighties when millions of these were melted for their silver value (almost $50 each). Since mintages were often low in the first place, many of these old artbars are extremely rare today. Most of the bars are identified using the classification system developed by J. Archie Kidd and Steven M. Rood in their book "An Indexed Guide Book of Silver Art Bars" (Fifth Edition) published in 1991. We also offer a selection of more modern silver artbars also within the named category. Click on any artbar, or on the description line, to view a selection of silver artbars within the named category. All bars are one troy ounce .999 fine silver unless otherwise noted. All bars are in mint condition unless otherwise noted. Please scroll down for additional information near the bottom of this page.

Click on any artbar or on the description line, to view our selection of silver artbars within the named category.

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CEM-54EN Mother's Day May 11, 1975 (BH) Silver Artbar

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 Sterling Souvenir Spoons

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 The value of these silver bars is directly related to the current value of silver. Due to sometimes extreme volatility in the silver market, River City Coins reserves the right to limit the quantity of these artbars that may be ordered or to reject and refund any order at our discretion.

In most cases, you are buying the item pictured and it may be the only one of those bars in stock, so please don't order more than one of each .

We will be adding more silver artbars as our web site is updated and we spend time each day working on it . Bookmark our site and check back often as we may have added just what you are looking for. If there is a particular bar you have been looking for, we may have it. All email inquiries will be answered promptly.

Shipping and handling charges will be added on at checkout and are based on the total amount of your order from our site (see chart at bottom of each page).

All bars are shipped in vinyl bar flips unless otherwise noted.

If you are at all interested in collecting silver rounds and artbars, we encourage you to join The International Association of Silver Art Collectors (IASAC). Click here for additional information and membership application.

If you are want to know more about collecting silver rounds and artbars, you might enjoy reading an article written about them on the GoldWhy.com website. Click here to read the article and feel free to explore other interesting sections of the GoldWhy.com website.

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