1990 Eisenhower Commemorative Silver Dollar

 This coin commemorates the 100th anniversary of the birth of our 34th President. The obverse features the bust of Preident Eisenhower superimposed over the bust of General Eisenhower and was designed by Mint engraver John Mercanti. The reverse features Ike's home at Gettsyburg and was designed by Marcel Jovine.

This 90% silver commem was issued with both Proof (1,144,461) and Uncirculated (241,669) finishes.

1990 Eisenhower Dollar Proof

1990-P Eisenhower Dollar Proof


1990 Eisenhower Dollar Proof

1990-W Eisenhower Centennial Silver Dollar Uncirculated

1990 Eisenhower Dollar Uncirculated1990 Eisenhower Dollar Uncirculated

1990-W Uncirculated Dollar

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