1987 China Panda Gold Coins

1987 China Gold Panda Coin

 In 1987, China produced Pandas at two different mints. Those produced by the Shanghai Mint have an "S" mintmark, while those produced by the Shenyang Mint have a "Y" mintmark . Proof * pandas continued to be produced with the "P" mark. All of our China Gold Panda coins are in mint condition in their original packaging.

At this time we do have a limited number of 1987 pandas in stock, but please do not order more than one of each size without checking with us first.

Email Rvrcoins@swbell.net or call (573-334-1108) to check availability.

*Proof denotes a method of manufacture rather than a condition. Proof coins are especially manufactured for collectors using specially prepared planchets and dies that have been heavily polished. The coins usully receive more than one striking by the press, resulting in a beautiful coin with frosted devices and mirrored surfaces, commonly referred to in Numismatics as having a "Cameo" appearance.

1987 China Panda Gold Coins


  Mintage (Unc)

 Price (Unc)

One Ounce "S"


Sold Out

One Ounce "Y"


Sold Out

Half Ounce "S"


Sold Out

Half Ounce "Y"


Sold Out

Qter Ounce "S"



Qter Ounce "Y"



Tenth Ounce "S"



Tenth Ounce "Y"



1/20 Ounce "S"



1/20 Ounce "Y"



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